Tuesday, December 19, 2006

After a Brief Pause...

Hi to my few but loyal readers out there - had a little bump in the road made me pause the blog for a moment but I'm back, baby!

Some good news for the Redskins (who are out of it for this year but can still play spoiler). From Tandler's Redskin's Blog:
Shaun Suisham has made seven straight field goals. That’s not a Moseley-like streak by any means, but it is possible that the Redskins have a young leg that can stick around for a few years. Nobody will be completely sold until he makes a game-winner in December, but the early signs are good.
Ya gotta look for that silver lining when your team is in a rebuilding phase. As a long-time Celtic's basketball fan, I know that can be a long phase...

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