Friday, July 16, 2010

Was Jason Elam's 63-Yarder Really Longer Than Dempsey's?

Here is the video of Jason Elam's officially record-tying 63-yard field goal:

As found on SportSpotLive, what I love most is the following comment:
If you look carefully at both Dempsey and Elam’s “63″ yard field goals you will see that Elam’s kick is placed right in front of the hashmark, 1-2 inches from the paint. In the Dempsey video it appears to be about a football width further from the hashmark, so about 5-7 inches in front of the hashmark. So according to the NFL they are ties, but in actual non-rounded distance Elam’s kick is 5-7 inches further (in my estimation). In any event the difference is enough to be noticeable.
Got to admit the guy has a point.

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