Monday, November 13, 2006

Gators Block Their Way to a Win

The Florida Gators REALLY didn't want to lose to Spurrier for the second time in as many seasons but it sure looked like they were going to do it anyhow.

Though my heart is always with the kicker, I have to give some props to Jarvis Moss who not only blocked the 48-yard attempt to win the game in the fourth quarter but also blocked an extra point earlier in the game - something pretty rare, even at the college level.

Florida blocked a third kick during the game as well.

Hard to fault South Carolina's kicker, Ryan Succop, a sophmore from Hickory, NC. He is a strong kicker who handles placekicking and punting duties and is considered a likely nominee for the Groza Award.

Much like great quarterbacks rely on a strong offensive line, kickers require at least enough protection to safely get the ball away. In addition to the dismal feeling that results from having your kick blocked, a kicker is at his most vulnerable immediately following contact with the ball - their leg is fully extended and all weight is on the single planted foot. A charging defender can do much more damage than blocking the kick if he is not stopped at the line.

Now, SC has done pretty well keeping Succop safe so, in this case, I think all credit goes to Moss and the rest of the Florida line.

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