Friday, November 17, 2006

Hey Big Kicker

Sticking with high school football (there'll be plenty of time for NFL and College come Monday) I am thrilled to introduce everyone to North Fort Myers High kicker/punter Nathan O'Jibway. What makes O'Jibway so special, you ask? Well, he happens to be 6-foot-2 and 260 pounds!
"People assume I play offensive lineman or defensive tackle," said O'Jibway, a senior whose booming right leg helped propel North into tonight's Region 5A-3 semifinal against visiting Largo. "When I say kicker and punter, they say: 'Oh really? ... That's good. ... You're kind of big, aren't you?' "
Um, yeah, you are. But holy crap does this guy make you pay for trying to run back a kick. From the News-Daily of Southwest Florida:

Jamaul Temple fielded the ensuing kickoff and seemed headed for a long return up the middle. As the crowd rose in anticipation, O'Jibway appeared suddenly and devastated Temple with a ferocious hit. Fans winced and groaned, the impact like a semi racing head-on into a two-seater.

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