Wednesday, November 15, 2006

How's the Snapper?

While some may question whether or not there could truly be an entire blog dedicated to kickers, everyone would question on dedicated to snappers.

That's not gonna stop me from pointing out a great little article in The Midtown Journal (keep up, folks) by Pete Conrad in which Miami U snapper Dave McClain relives the muffed snap that cost his team the game one year ago against this week's opponent Bowling Green.

McClain states the sad but true:

"It's one of those positions where the only time you get noticed is when you screw up," McClain said, "and I always accepted that."
Man, I feel for Dave. Just when you think you've got the most thankless job on the field...

(p.s. - I couldn't find a picture of Miami's Dave McClain, so pictured above is Machinehead's Dave McClain)

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