Thursday, November 09, 2006

Kicking Things Off

Oh to be the kicker – the only guy on the field with a single bar across your helmet. Standing alone from the rest of the team, waiting on the sidelines for your brief moment in the spotlight. Traveling from city to city, week after week, for mere seconds on the field. Though you might kick the game-winning field goal one week, you are always just a single miss away from becoming the scapegoat for your entire team. And, while kids across the country pretend to be Brett Favre or Payton Manning, proudly wear the jerseys of Reggie Bush or Barry Sanders, rare is the child who can even name their home team’s kicker.

Welcome to HERE'S THE KICKER, a blog dedicated to the trials and tribulations of the guys who kick the ball.

Join me each day as I highlight news stories about kickers and share thoughts and insights on the most singular job on the field.

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