Thursday, November 30, 2006

Let's Hear it for the Girl

Not a lot of news out there about women's professional full-contact football. So, when I come across something that combines that AND kicking, man is it a good day. From the blog The Breakfast Club:

It is my pleasure to announce my acceptance on the 2007 Pittsburgh Passion Professional Women's Football Roster.

The Passion competes in the National Women's Football Association (NWFA), a five year old, 36 team league, headquartered in Nashville, TN. The Passion is a member of the Northern Conference and plays an 8 game regular season schedule. The teams play according to standard NFL rules, with the following notable exceptions; TDY size football, only one foot in bounds required following a reception and no blocking below the waist down field.
As in High School, I will be continuing my duties as Place Kicker.

Oddly, the blog only lists her name as Laudadio...maybe she is like the Cher of kickers...

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