Friday, November 10, 2006

Seeing Scarlet

Full disclosure (since I hear blogs are held to the highest ethical standards) - I am a Rutgers alum, but it was for grad school and we never attended a single Scarlet Knights event.

That said, it was nice to see them pull out the win over L'ville last night. And how did the Jersey Boys carry the day? Oh, that's right! With a winning field goal. Three cheers for Jeremy Ito... even if he did miss it the first time and only got a second chance on a penalty.

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Eric said...

yes mr. poor bastard,
i am a rutger's alum and accidentally caught the last quarter of this game while guzzling a couple brews on my lunchbreak. i never went to a football game, the word was our team always sucked. how refreshing to see rutgers chomp away at louisville & to make it even sweeter it was all in the kicker...