Monday, November 27, 2006

Weekend Kicks

Not a bad weekend for kickers.

Tom Coughlin tried to ice the kicker Rob Bironas after Eli Manning's baffling INT in the dying seconds of the 4th qtr against the Titans but, although the stats say it helps, it wasn't the case yesterday as Rob calmly booted the 49 yarder. that's a hell of a kick under pressure. I liked how long Coughlin waited to call the timeout. I almost wish he had used their second time out after Bironas set up for the second time but maybe that's just considered bad form.

Meanwhile, Buffalo's pulled out another game-winner for the Bills with three seconds left against Jacksonville. from the Buffalo News:

"They're all big kicks," said Lindell, who has seven career game-winning kicks. "Every time I go on the field it's a big kick, to me anyway and to the team most likely. Once they scored, I put my shoe on, went to the net and started getting ready because I figured it was going to come down to that."

I'll cover some college kicks a bit later on today.

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