Tuesday, November 14, 2006

J-E-T-S (and Nugent on Letterman)

So, last night the Jets kicker Mike "Don't Call Me Ted" Nugent showed up on the Late Show w/David Letterman to kick a football through a pane of glass. Not quite throwing a football into the window of a moving taxi (a Letterman classic) but not bad.

Mike was the starting kicker for Ohio State two years ago and didn't get much of a chance to shine during his rookie year with the 4-12 Jets.

Karen Crouse at The New York Times has an article on Nugent and his appearance. Regarding the stunt:

Asked if he was nervous before his stupid human trick, Nugent said, “Not too much.” He added, “I was just excited to get an opportunity to do something like that.”

Now, I for one resent the use of "Stupid Human Trick" in this manner. Nugent is a highly paid athlete on a professional sports team. If kicking the football is a stupid human trick, how the hell do you describe the actions of a center?

For more on Nugent and the Jets I highly recommend stopping over at www.nyjetstherapy.com for a fantastic podcast featuring Bad Dog and Bad Pup and real live callers all having their say on the Jets - before and after every game.

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