Friday, November 10, 2006

What are the Odds

According to my bookie (ok, I don't have a bookie...) only 3 of the fifteen NFL games this week have teams winning by a field goal or less. I will report back on Monday just how well that stat holds up. Perhaps I am a little obsessed with the kickers, but it seems to me that close to half the games each week swing on a pivotal field goal or punt.

While I am not a betting man (gotta have something to bet with) I've got to imagine that regular football gamblers must have a stronger love/hate relationship with kickers than almost anyone else. Sure, your team will win or lose a few games this season based on field goals but how many point-spreads are completely blown by a seemingly meaningless kick late in the fourth quarter with the team already trailing by 14. Suddenly, that big win doesn't taste so sweet, what with the 11 points just not being enough to make the day.

Let me hear from the gamblers out there. How do you feel about kickers?

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